Skatework Australia warranty :

  • One year Parts and Labour Warranty on Skatework Products, Trailers and Attachments from delivery date.
  • One year on Batteries where compliance with recommended battery charging procedure and operating instructions are followed.

Battery Charging Procedure:

  • Always charge batteries once the job is done or the day’s use is complete.
  • Always leave batteries on charge until the charge is COMPLETE.
  • Opportunity charging is NOT recommended. This can also shorten battery life.
  • Never leave batteries in a discharged state as this will shorten the batteries life.
  • For maximum battery life, a battery must be recharged to 100% capacity.
  • Recharging less than 100% may result in premature battery failure.
  • Batteries are not covered under warranty if they are not recharged properly.
  • Ensure you have the correct charger for the batteries. The correct voltage and current is important to ensure the full life of the batteries.
  • Check that all connections are tight and in good condition.
  • Ensure there is enough airflow to help keep the batteries as cool as possible.
  • If batteries are not used for lengthy periods of time, it is recommended to give them a maintenance charge once every month if disconnected from machine.
  • Check that the charger lights come on when connected to the batteries. This will indicate the charger is working and ensure the batteries are charging.
  • If charger lights do not come on, call your service technician.
  • If the batteries are swollen, turn off immediately and call your service technician.

Who We Are

Skatework Australia provide cost effective towing and pushing solutions using the latest European and Australian designed equipment. Our management established our initial Company in 1982. Skatework Australia was formed to expedite sales, service and support for Non Polluting Towing and material handling solutions for Industry, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Health and Aged Care support applications.

Premier Dealer Opportunities

We are currently looking for Premier Dealers for our Skatework Battery Electric Tugs in all major cities throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you are interested in becoming a Premier Dealer, please contact us
Spacepac Industries Pty Ltd. Trading as ... Skatework Australia