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Friendly Design

The groundbreaking Skatework design of Battery/Electric standup vehicles (ESV) is a zero-gas-emission, clean-energy innovation that is simple, intuitive and economical to operate.
With significant breakthroughs in its proprietary power management and propulsion system, this performer delivers powerful performance, long battery run time and short recharge time.
It is highly stable with a low centre of gravity, offers wide visibility for the driver elevated on an 24cm high platform, strikes a commanding presence, can access restricted spaces including elevators and narrow corridors, handles curbs easily, and is highly agile with a tight turning circle. And it’s very quiet.
The Skatework range of models are designed to save driver energy and increase response times.

About Skatework-AU



  • Optional accessories transform the uses beyond the standard model.
  • Lockable, onboard storage options are easily accessible.
  • For maximum flexibility, two quick change batteries mean virtually no downtime.
  • And, with dramatically fewer parts than gas powered vehicles, the Skatework models are high on reliability and low on maintenance.

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Who We Are

Skatework Australia provide cost effective towing and pushing solutions using the latest European and Australian designed equipment. Our management established our initial Company in 1982. Skatework Australia was formed to expedite sales, service and support for Non Polluting Towing and material handling solutions for Industry, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Health and Aged Care support applications.

Premier Dealer Opportunities

We are currently looking for Premier Dealers for our Skatework Battery Electric Tugs in all major cities throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you are interested in becoming a Premier Dealer, please contact us
Spacepac Industries Pty Ltd. Trading as ... Skatework Australia